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A careful study of the esoteric literature will teach us many lessons. In particular, the work of Nikola Tesla is worth looking at. 120 years ago he developed several inventions that we desperately need. One is the Tesla converter, which is currently be­ing reconstructed. The other major invention is an auxi­liary device, the secondary effect of which took Tesla by surprise. We already know that almost all his inven­tions were based on the energy multiplying effect of so­liton waves. He produced the soliton waves with a com­mutator electric motor he called an alternator. These wa­ves behave in an unconventional way. Unlike the trans­verse waves we use today, the soliton produces a lon­gitudinal wave. Longitudinal waves, on the other hand, do not create an electromagnetic field around them­sel­ves, but a purely magnetic field.

Magnetic waves emitted strongly from Tesla's devi­ces and equipment. This put him and his colleagues at great risk. Both he and his laboratory staff suffered from indigestion, stomach and bile disorders, constipation and flatulence. Tesla had no idea that magnetic radiation was the cause. He did not know that the human body was powered by the same magnetic energy he was experimenting with. He had no idea about the meridian system and the aura that surrounds the human body, although he had seen it before in the form of a fog-like bubble during a medical con­dition. Magnetic rays can draw energy out of or overload certain meridians, and disruption of the energy balance can trigger a variety of diseases.  

The alternator operated mostly at a frequency of 30 kHz. It probably broke down and was rep­laced by a new one with a frequency of 28 kHz. Tesla was not too worried about this because it worked just like the previous 30 kHz version.  But the activity around the mechanical oscillator cured them all in a week. None of them got sick in the four years they used this machine. On one occasion, Mark Twain visited the laboratory. By this time, the world-famous American writer was in a rather poor state of health. He was suffering from various worrying and dangerous illnesses, Tesla recal­led. However, during his visits to the laboratory, he recovered within two months. The Yang energy of about 28 kHz emitted from the mechanical oscillator cured him.

With all these facts and evidence, the suggestion that we should take advantage of this oppor­tunity seems obvious. All the more so because this is the frequency that nature uses in its famous healing spas. In Tápiószentmárton, such places are the Attila Hill, Dobogók Stone, in Pilisszentiván the Devil's Rock, the Majki hermitage, the ruins of the Cistercian monastery near Pilisszentkereszt, the Wild Stand Stone and the Miracle Tree Chapel near Dömös, the Hegyesk Stone near Monoszló and the stones of Bükkszentkereszt. The most famous of the foreign energy spas is the Bosnian pyramid. As already mentioned in the description of the Tesla converter, the disc-shaped stone in this pyramid, called Megalith K-2, also emits positive magnetic radiation at a frequency of 28 kHz.

It would be worth travelling there and using a frame antenna and an oscilloscope to measure the exact value of this frequency.[1]  It should also be clearly determined whether this radiation is Yin or Yang. This does not require expensive gravimeters and other instruments to be transported to the site. A compass will do. If the stone is attracted to the north (black) pole of the compass, it is Yin, i.e. it is emitting gravitational waves. If it is attracted to the south (white) pole, the emission is Yang, or ethereal. It would be worthwhile to carry out this test in Tápiószentmárton, on Attila Hill and in Dobogókő. From the shape of the signal on the oscilloscope, a clear conclusion can be drawn about the time course of the natural soliton wave. Based on this, we could see what signal we should produce with our signal generator. This would also be of great help in the reconstruction of the Tesla converter.

With the measurement results, we can now start to build such a generator. Since we have a signal generator, it is not necessary to make an AC commutator motor. The soliton wave supplied by the signal generator only needs to be amplified and lashed onto a ferrite toroidal ring coil or a Klein-shaped electromagnet. This arrangement has the disadvantage, however, that it can only be used by one person because it is forward beaming. Since there are many sick people in the world, and the­re­fore a mass cure is needed, a circular emitter must be designed. Extraterrestrial civilisations also use such a generator, Once, during a fourth type of encounter, they showed such a generator to people invited on board their spaceship. The "abductees" were told to stand in front of it and move, jump and dance. This was probably necessary to allow the healing energy to penetrate every part of their body, even into the depths of their joints. After the unexpected treatment, the returnees reported an extraordinary increase in energy and a very good sense of well-being.

Unfortunately, nothing was said about how the device worked, but witnesses said it looked like a large electric motor. It differed from a conventional electric motor only in that the rotor was fixed to the floor and the stator was fixed around it. Here, therefore, the magnetic energy did not flow out from inside the motor, but was emitted directly by the outer part, which emitted healing soliton wa­ves. If we were to succeed in producing such an electric motor, we would have no choice but to place it in the middle of the waiting rooms of doctors' surgeries. That way, patients could even be cured during the hours they wait. They won't even have to go to the doctor.

This mysterious frequency value has already captured the imagination of researchers. Many of them have carried out serious studies on the physiological effects. Not here, because our scientists in their iron hats would excommunicate any colleague who dared to do such a thing. In India and China, however, esotericism is not an excommunicated science. There is also serious research going on in the pars sciences. As a result, two Indian scientists have studied the effects of 28 kHz soliton waves on the body. The results are surprisingly varied. Here are the findings of Dr Siva Poobala­sin­gam and Nisha Lakshmanan:


Ø   Scalar energy can even be incorporated into our own DNA.

Ø   It eliminates and neutralizes man-made, unnatural frequencies in the human body.

Ø   Raises the energy level of every cell in the cell to the desirable 70-90 mV level.

Ø   Raises the covalence of every hydrogen atom in the body as measured by spectrographs. This is significant because our DNA is held together by covalent hydrogen bonds.

Ø   It increases the permeability of the cell wall, which helps nutrients to enter the cells and toxins to be excreted and removed from the cells.

Ø   Reduces the surface tension of the material, so the body needs significantly less time to digest it.

Ø   As the energy levels of billions of cells increase, so does the energy level of the body as a whole.

Ø   It cleanses the blood, improving the levels of proteins and fats floating in the blood, trig­ly­ceride levels and blood fibrin patterns.

Ø   Independent laboratory studies have shown that it boosts immune system efficiency by 149%.

Ø   Improves mental concentration and focus as evidenced by amplitude increases in EEG studies.

Ø   It also balances the two hemispheres of the brain as shown by EEG tests. More specifically, it coordinates the functioning towards the intuitive domain, which also provides a sense of co­herence..


A detailed account can be found in their English book "Optimal Energy for Peak Performance with Scalar Energy".


Lemniscata pipeline

(Functional description)


We know from Masaru Emoto's books "The Message of Water" and "The Hidden Wisdom of Water" that structured water has magical powers on our bodies.[2] Its healing power rivals that of soliton waves. So we don't have to wait for someone to reconstruct the Tesla generator, because we can start treating patients on a mass scale right now. All that is needed is to energise the water that comes out of the tap. No expensive equipment is needed, because the ether does it for us. We just need to get to work. A well-known phenomenon in physics is inertia, which is caused by the ether. Aether particles travel across the universe and nothing can stand in their way. They also flood our bodies, but we only notice this when we are driving a vehicle and it suddenly accelerates or slows down. Then we fall backwards or forwards. When we accelerate or decelerate, the dense aether cannot flow into our bodies, so it pushes us like a concrete block. It does the same thing with water, but water has a special property: it can absorb excess energy and retain it for a long time..

 The presence of etheric energy is not without consequences. The etheric particles use their ener­gy to eliminate the destructurisation of water resulting from environmental damage. They create structured water with a regular molecular structure. This is exactly what the body needs. Many pe­ople are on the verge of dehydration. As we know, we should drink 2.5 litres of water a day to stay healthy. Some people consume a tenth of that. It is good to drink 1-2 glasses of water a day. They know they should drink much more than that, but they can't. They say they don't want water. Their bodies have an in­stinctive aversion to destructured, chlorinated tap wa­ter. This situation is radically changed by drinking struc­tured water. The feedback is that normalising its mole­cular structure makes tap water soft and silky, which makes them feel thirsty again and allows them to drink enough water. Drinking structured water not only eli­minates fluid deficiencies in the body, but also enhances detoxification and nutrient absorption. Structured water has a healing effect on the body. Over time, it eliminates all our diseases and strengthens our immune system. It also works wonders in industry and agriculture. Many people ha­ve recognised this beneficial effect and have created many inventions to exploit it. The most re­markable of these is the invention of a German physicist. This is also because it can be produced quickly and very cheaply.      

Wilfried Hacheney[3] designed a large device shaped like a lemniscate[4] to release etheric energy particles into water. The water flowing through the horizontal figure-eight tube is forced to change direction constantly, forcing large quantities of ether into it. The lemniscata shape is so effective because every centimetre of this pipe forces the water to change direction. As a result, it constantly bumps into the ether and absorbs a lot of ether ions. Many organic growers use this etheric water to water their plants so that they grow faster. Seeds also germinate better if soaked in this water before sowing. Bread baked in this way will be looser and the dough will rise higher. It has also been observed that concrete mixed with water enriched with ether is stronger than usual.

The efficiency of absorbing the primary energy can be further increased by placing several lem­niscates next to or on top of each other. The simplest way to do this is to bend the hot metal pipe into a template and allow it to cool before cutting it into pieces. It is not necessary to fold the ends of the tube by hand, gripping them with pliers, because this task is carried out more precisely by the articulated device[5] used to make the lemniscate. It is thus possible to make a device with up to ten layers, which increases its efficiency by an order of magnitude. Also try to increase the width as long as the technology allows. The wider and the higher the Lemniscata pipe system, the more ef­ficient it is. The pipe snake only needs to be coated with a layer of anti-corrosive anchor and can be used for decades without any problems. (If it is to be buried in the ground or in a pit designed for this purpose, it should be coated with aluminium and at least one layer of oil paint or tar. Also make sure that the top is at least 80 cm below the ground surface to prevent freezing in winter.)[6]

By the way, this method is not entirely new. As early as 1930, Viktor Schauberger developed an energy-enriching device for the artificial production of spring water. The Austrian naturalist used a spiral pipe in which the flowing water is also forced to change direction constantly. However, the efficiency of the spiral shape is much lower than that of the lemniscate. The only advantage of the spiral solution is that by reversing the direction of flow of the pipe or the water, it is possible to pro­duce water that rotates to the right.

Its low-cost production technology makes the lemniscata energy concentrator accessible to any­one. It has no running costs and therefore does not increase the price of the fruit and vegetables it produces. And the cost of purchase is recovered in a few years through an increased yield. In a few years, this equipment could easily become an integral part of every garden or rural household. It could also be easily used by urban water suppliers. All they would have to do is push the water into the hydroglobe bus through a pipe bent into a lemniscata shape rather than a straight pipe, and dis­charge it through the same kind of pipe. If necessary, an easily bendable plastic tube (rubber or plastic hose) could be used for this purpose. Industrial plants would also benefit greatly from this water, because it would soon become clear that the use of ether-enriched water would not only be beneficial for concrete production, but could have a beneficial effect on almost all products.

The potential for this is already beginning to unfold. For example, similar solutions can save a laundry owner €12,000 a year because less detergent is needed in ether-enriched water. In a riding school in Vienna, horses drink water enriched with ether and are no longer suffering from colic, while in a plastics factory, the use of cooling water has been optimised with the help of special wa­ter. Naturopaths have also praised the water. Patients who drink it get rid of eczema, leg swelling and headaches. It seems that the possibilities in this field are also unlimited. The opponents of the method speak of esoteric humbug, but the positive results and enthusiastic reports, which are multi­plying day by day, do not prove this. The improvement in water quality and the benefits it brings are visible, tangible and undeniable.

The most virulent opponents of ether-enriched water are the official scientific community. Ac­cor­ding to academics, there is no scientific explanation for this phenomenon, so they talk of fraud, placebo effect and 'selective perception'. But if every positive result is a figment of the imagination, then overnight we have become gods. We can heal ourselves and others with our thoughts alone, and make effective gains. That would be the real success, because then we could magically solve all the world's problems. Unfortunately, we cannot do that, so for the time being we have to make do with exploiting a physical phenomenon that fortunately works even if the scientific academies refuse to acknowledge it.

In order to avoid disbelief and heated debate, it would be advisable to test this method on a large scale and under official supervision. This would involve designating two blocks of flats in a housing estate or residential area and assessing the health of their occupants. Then a ten-piece lemniscata pipe snake would be installed in front of the inlet pipe of one of the houses. In a year's time, the health assessment should be carried out again in both blocks. After comparing the results, clear conclusi­-ons could be drawn about the effectiveness of this method. It would also be worthwhile to install the lemniscata pipeline in a hospital. After a year, it would then be possible to examine how the reco­very rate of patients has developed. Whether the length of time patients spend in hospital has dec­reased and whether the statistics on hospital-acquired infections have improved.

If there is no dramatic improvement, it is due to water pressure. The water company squeezes wa­ter into the street pipe network at 6 atmospheres (6 bar) to up to 10-storey tower blocks. Measu­rements show that this high pressure contributes significantly to the destructuring of the water. In this case, the restructuration should be carried out at the consumer, immediately upstream of the outlet tap. A half- to three-quarter-inch diameter tube containing 10 lemniscats should be placed in a plastic box under the bathroom sink or kitchen sink. The inlet and outlet stubs should be po­sitio­ned so that they are flush with the bottom of the enclosure. In this way, they can be installed in a recessed position. Covered with tiles, the structure becomes invisible.

Consumers of mineral water should not be deprived of the benefits of structured water. To do this, a 1.5 litre glass bottle with a metal screw cap must be manufactured. A pipe fitting consisting of 5 to 10 lemniscates is welded onto the top of the bottle. Both the cap and the quarter-inch dia­meter tubing should be made of corrosion-resistant steel. The width of the fitting should not be lar­ger than the diameter of the bottle or it will not fit in the refrigerator door. It is also not advisable to make it too high, as this will also prevent it from being placed in the refrigerator. It is also advisable to make a rubber cap. This can be used to prevent carbon dioxide from escaping from the 'bubbling' water. The device is very simple to use. You unscrew the pipe fitting, fill it with mineral water in a plastic bottle and screw on the metal cap. By tilting the glass bottle, the water flowing through the lemniscata-shaped fitting will now flow in a structured way into the cup underneath. The optimum number of lemniscates can be determined by freezing the outflowing water and exa­mining its crystal structure under a microscope.

If significant cures are observed with the use of lemniscate piping, this water treatment method should be implemented immediately throughout the country. It would save a great deal of expense to the public health fund, and would also greatly improve the public's sense of well-being and zest for life. This survey is unlikely to meet with resistance from the authorities, because official science says that this method is ineffective. And if it is ineffective, then it can do no harm. If it does, then it makes no difference whether the water enters the building or comes out of the tap through a straight or a tortuous pipe.


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 Ó Kun Ákos

 Budapest, 2021.

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[1] You need a portable oscilloscope with memory that can store measured signals.

[2] The detailed description can be found in volume II of my book Esoteric implementation. (Chapter III, Harmful Rays of The Environment.)

[3] vilfrid hahenaj

[4] Lemniscate is a Greek term. It can also be perceived as the three-dimensional extent of its infinite signal.

[5] See Wikipedia for how it works: https://hu.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lemniszkáta

[6] The method of installation can be found in volume III of my book Esoteric implementation. (Chapter V, Environment and Chapter VI Technical novelties.)